Adwords Management:

We’re dedicated to helping your small to mid-sized business succeed online with proven and affordable google pay per click advertising services. We know how to compete against the “big boys” and send qualified ready-to-buy traffic to any website without blowing budgets or overspending for keywords!

What’s our Strategy?

PPC is about Quality,
Not Quantity.

For a strong ROI using PPC, you need to identify the highest quality keywords that convert into sales or leads. Remove keywords which generate clicks, but are not profitable. Include good copy writing, proper campaign structures, negative keywords and convincing landing pages to the mix. And avoid junk clicks due to poorly written ad copy, ineffective search engine channels and non-relevant keywords. The end result is better traffic that converts into higher sales at a lower cost per acquisition.

AdWords Professionals with Real World Experience.

We don’t pass off your account to junior level admins, foreign subsidies, or rookies just out of school. With over 9 years PPC management experience, you’ll work with seasoned marketing professionals. And by concentrating our business on affordable pay per click advertising services for Google AdWords, we’re able to stay up with the latest tricks, trends and changes in search engine marketing to make our best-of-breed service a competitive advantage for your business.

google adwords managment services

Our affordable PPC management services succeed by using the best practices of marketing. Combine that with direct response copy writing that influences target prospects to click on your ads while avoiding tire kickers, our systems have helped others within the first 30 days by:

  • Reducing average costs per click by 30-80%,
  • Lowering costs per conversion by 25-55%, &
  • Increasing conversion rates by 40-70%.

Throwing money at pay per click advertising without an optimized PPC campaign only makes the search engine companies richer. Our goal is to help your business by employing efficient pay per click management techniques that generate the most effective results.

To learn more about our affordable pay per click advertising services, call: 773 328 8413