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  • What is the process to design / develop a wesbite?

    The process starts when we get two things from your end; 50% of the payment and answer to our Website Designing questioner. This helps our layout artist understand your prespective on the website you wish to make in terms of look and feel; for example the images to choose, color preferences, websites that we need to refer to or base your website on. Your are required to send your logo if you already have one.

    A dedicated single point of contact is established, so that its easier for you to co-ordinate the process from start to finish.

    On receipt of the questioner our layout artists design 2 mock-up layouts, which are sent to you in 2 business days. You can then review the layouts and have a chance to send us your feedback in terms of changes required, like change in images, site colors, etc.

    We usually take 1-2 days depending upon the complexity of the changes requested in your feedback. Once you are satistied with the outcome the layout is considered approved (on your confirmation). The layout artist then works on the inside pages and converting design to HTML; at which stage we expect to already have the content for the inside pages.

    Once the site is ready it is uploaded to our staging server (e.g. yourcompany.master55.com). You then get a chance to review the completed website (as it would appear on your server when uploaded), and once again give us your feedback in terms of changes if any.
    On final approval and the receipt of the remaining payment we transfer the website to your domain; at which stage we would require the FTP and Web Hosting Control Panel access information.

  • What kind of website do I need? How would I know?

    Type 1 – Static Website

    There are two main types of website

    Which is a HTML website with no database interaction and used by small to medium size businesses to display their products and services.
    These type of websites usually don’t have a great deal of change in their content over time.

    Type 2 – Dynamic Website

    It’s a database driven website. Like a CMS, ecommerce, blog, forum, member registration, member login, etc.
    These type of websites usually have a backend control panel via which you can manage the website contents and view regisitration data.

  • Are the Website Designs custom made or readymade templates?

    All our designs are customized and are tailor made to customer’s needs.

    • Everyone has a different choice of design; hence all the websites we have make are unique.
    • We don’t have any readymade templates, but we make your website in such a fashion that it seems as if it’s a highly profession template, which is better than the readymade templates available.
  • Are images provided by you or do I need to supply them?

    Our basic Website Package includes 5 free images from a Stock Photography Website each being of 1 credit. The product and services images can be provided by you and they will be placed on the website as per your requriements. For any additional images required from a Stock Photography Website we charge 2 USD per 1 credit for the image.

  • How can I see my website progress?

    We usually upload (or update) the website on our staging server (e.g. yourcompany.master55.com) after each milestone or major update. The project co-ordinator is responsible for informing you about the changes made and providing you with the URL of the site for you to review.

  • Whom should I contact for my website progress inquiry?

    Every project is assigned a single point of contact, for any queries or concerns you may have during the website progress.

  • How many revisions am I allowed for a template?

    We have a different concept to the system of revisions. What we feel is when a job is done right the first time; it does not require any revisions. We are custom Website Development Company, which means we design the template as per your needs thus it is unlikely that you won’t like it. Inspite of that we are open to minor changes. And if you still don’t like the template, we make a new layout/template for you which usually on happens 2% of the time.

  • How many revisions am I allowed for a Website?

    You can review the Website on our development server (e.g. yourcompany.master55.com) on each stage of the development and send us feedback in terms of changes. Those changes within the scope are made however those out of scope and any design changes (after the approval of the template/layout) would cost extra.

  • How can I contact you?

    We can be contacted via email of the project co-ordinator. We can also be contacted on the US based landline numbers during our office hours. Our office hours are posted on our contact page.

  • How will I be able to send you the changes? Are you available to talk on the phone or chat on Instant Messenger?

    We usually do not prefer to use Instant Messenger as a means of communication however are prepared to use it on prior notification from you.

    We would encourage you to send your changes/feedback via the email or phone. We prefer you send us your changes/feedback via email and if something requires an explanation we would either contact you via email or phone at a time of your choice. We also have the facility for conference calls and net meetings where one can share the desktop.

  • Am I allowed to talk direclty with the designer / developer?

    We usually have a point of contact assigned for each project who can answer all you questions.

  • Is is possible to change a design that has already been approved by me?

    It is possible to change the design but at an extra cost since it is an extra effort. The cost depends on the complexity of the changes required.

  • Is it possible for me to make changes to a Static HTML Website?

    Yes it is possibe for a person who knows HTML language to make changes to the website. Usually the layman cannot make changes to a Static HTML Website.

  • Which software is used for CMS?

    We use wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS Made Simple, and many others. Word press is the most preferred one.

  • How CMS works? Is it easy for end user?

    It is very easy for the user. We also do provide Video tutorials on the same.

  • Are there any add-ons available for the basic CMS?

    Yes there are many plugins / add-ons available for the CMS. We change for the installation and setup of the plugins the cost of which vaires as per requirement. e.g. SEO plugin, gallery, etc.